Match-fixing scandal rocks the world of football


February 4, 2013 by Tejmgas

First cricket, now football. As two of the worlds largest sports are consumed in huge match-fixing scandals over just the past 2-3 year, I sit here wondering whether any sport is really safe.

These kind of reports come and go, (many are in fact false) but the sheer scale of these particular allegations really is a sight to behold. 425 corrupt officials, 15 countries, two world-cup qualification matches, one champions league match. Thinking that these kind of figures represent ‘just another false allegation’ would be pretty close minded, to say the least.

It’s always sad to see these kind of things, especially as fans of the so called ‘beautiful game’. When you watch a game of football, or any sport for that matter, the least you expect is that you’re watching a fair, honest match. If you don’t even have that, what’s the point?

UEFA, a company covered in controversy (see the alliteration there 🙂 ) from the start really need to sort themselves out. It has taken them years to discover what has been going on and for a company of that nature this really isn’t good enough.

Those involved need to be punished as severely as possible, only then might we see a stop to this farce. If not, this has the potential to escalate into something that threatens the very future of football which, at the end of the day, is what nobody wants to see.




9 thoughts on “Match-fixing scandal rocks the world of football

  1. Daniel Hammerson says:

    you do know that it was actually Man Utd who were the English team match fixing in the premier League

  2. Daniel Hammerson says:

    Yes, but why would there be a game in england if there wasn’t an english team involved in the last 3 years , excluding the final at wembley as man utd were playing (the cheaters)

  3. Daniel Hammerson says:
    What was that about it being a liverpool game( i know they did too), united disgust me the vile cheats

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