Australian Open only a sign of things to come


January 27, 2013 by Tejmgas

For those of you who have read my articles (the very few there may be) you will remember that only a few months ago I dismissed Murray as being ‘not good enough’ to compete with the likes of Djokovic + Federer on the national stage.

Well, cut to 3 months later and here I am, looking like a bit of an idiot.

If there was any doubt in anyones mind about Murray’s talent, surely after witnessing his brilliant run in the Australian Open it has to be gone. After breezing through the opening rounds he faced his first ‘real’ match against 17 Grand Slam winner Federer. Yet the way Murray played you would be think that he was the 31 year old veteran, instead of the 22 year old schoolboy.

Sure it went to 5 sets, but I don’t think there was any doubt there was only going to be one winner. When Federer ran out, Murray kept on going and that proved to be the difference.

Djokovic, unlike Murray has already established himself as one of the all-time tennis greats and after being put on the ‘easy side’ of the draw, reaching the final seemed almost ‘expected’ of him. Wow, you’ve really got to be good when people are surprised when you don’t reach the finals.

As we know on this occasion Djokovic triumphed, winning a historic 3rd Australian Open in a row after a gruelling 5 set match. Although Murray may not have won this time, I don’t think he’ll have long to wait before another shot at that 2nd Grand Slam.

The match against Murray showed that Federer isn’t getting any younger and one would think it is not long before he retires. In the face of these up-and-coming new stars, he just isn’t the force he used to be anymore. Then of course there is Nadal, poor poor Nadal. Only a few years ago it seemed like he would be the one to take over Federer’s crown but recent injuries have stalled his progress. He will eventually return, but after all this time out of the game he may not be the same player he used to be.

So come finals day if your waiting for the unexpected rise of a new star, don’t hold your breath. Murray and Djokovic are here to stay




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