The January Transfer WIndow: What are the possibilities?


January 11, 2013 by Tejmgas

We have now entered probably what is my personal favourite time of the footballing year, the January transfer window. As always for every genuine rumour we see probably 5 ridiculous ones.

My personal favourite so far has to be the ‘Ronaldo to Man Utd’ rumour. I can’t possibly fathom what they were thinking when they put that in the papers. ‘I know Utd are in millions pounds worth of debt and Ronaldo’s buy-out clause is over £100 million, but I think they have a real shot you know?’   Wow

So to spare you the trouble, I’ve compiled a list of transfers that could actually happen this month.

1. Wilfred Zaha to Tottenham/Manchester United

Zaha is the latest young talent to emerge and it seems like all premier league teams are after a piece of him. However, it seems like the two main contenders and Tottenham + United. With a reasonable price tag of £10-15 million, expect some sort of deal to go through.

2. Balotelli out of Manchester City

I know it seems like time and time again we are hearing that City are going to let go of Balotelli, yet nothing seems to happen. Will we see something this time? Maybe…….

3. Sneijder to Galatasaray

He’s been linked to a number of English teams in the past but it finally looks like this particular saga is about to end. According to his agent, the move will be done by this weekend. Although, you never know……

So i’ll leave you with those for now. I might post another article later this month looking at other potential transfers.

Balotelli: “I can’t wait for transfer deadline day. I’m just going to drive to as many stadiums as possible just to confuse journalists.’




2 thoughts on “The January Transfer WIndow: What are the possibilities?

  1. shiban Bhan says:

    It is an apt comment .

  2. adi says:

    know anything on the liverpool transfers

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