It has truly been a year to remember


December 30, 2012 by Tejmgas

Well, I thought the world was going to end so didn’t really think I was going to be writing another article. This is awkward……..

Just kidding.

So looking back over 2012, I think its fair to say it truly was one to remember for Britain. The greatest success’ for me were probably finishing second in the Olympics and somehow managing to triumph over the All Blacks in rugby. The greatest disappointments? There weren’t many in what has been a brilliant year for British sport, but if I was to count one, basically anything with the word ‘football’ in it…..

My all time favourite moment of 2012 has to be watching Mo Farah crossing the finishing line after the 10,000 metres. His face said it all, a mixture of joy and disbelief that he had actually won. The fact that it is a distance I could never dream of doing furthers my respect for him.

I think probably the saddest moment of 2012 has to go to Fabrice Muamba. It may seem like a long time ago but that day is one that will definitely stick in my mind for years to come. It was just a tragedy.

Onto happier things, my sportsman of the year definitely has to be Romain Grosjean. Forget about Lionel Messi or Alastair Cook, this guy wins it for me. The man’s a lunatic, treating million dollar formula 1 cars like they’re toy cars. Unfortunately, after many lengthy bans it doesn’t look like we’ll be seeing much more of him…pity. (I know strictly he isn’t British but come on, give me a break)

Hopefully we will see more of the same in 2013 and that is when I will be next writing to you. To everyone reading this, have a happy new year!




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