SPOTY: The Case For Jessica Ennis


December 16, 2012 by Tejmgas

After what has been a truly memorable year of sport for Britain, we will find out who has won the coveted Sports Personality Of The Year award. Unfortunately for the contenders, this has got to be one of the hardest years in living memory to win the award. We have a Tour de France winner, a Grand Slam champion, a Major champion, and that’s without even mentioning all the Olympic heroes who have been nominated. You could make a case for any of the 12 nominees to win.

However, I think this year’s award should go to the ‘golden girl’ Jessica Ennis.

Winning a gold medal is one thing, but winning it in the hardest Olympic discipline, the heptathlon, is truly incredible. Furthermore, the margin she won it by showed how truly dominant she was, watching her canter to the end of the 800m was one of the highlights of my Olympics.

In addition, she embodies everything a sport star should represent and inspire in others. Grit, determination, training, all things she brings to the table. In today’s sportsmen/sportswoman we see too much of the wrong things. Anger, arrogance, even cheating. Young people need someone to look up to and she is that person.

Finally, in what may seem an obvious thing to say, she is the biggest personality on the list. The poster girl of the Olympics is someone who is also universally loved by the public (especially the male public). The winner of the award has to be someone popular with the public, as well as the person with the biggest sporting success (which, in my opinion, she also has).

Having said all this, it is more than likely that the winner will be Bradley Wiggins, with Ennis probably finding herself in third or fourth place. I don’t have anything against Wiggins and he would be a more than deserving winner. I’m just saying that if I had the choice, it would be Ennis.


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4 thoughts on “SPOTY: The Case For Jessica Ennis

  1. asdi dhar says:

    i though that the decathalon was the hardest olympic disciplines

  2. Natasha dhar says:

    Good work tejas… As predicted Wiggins won the award …. U must agree though that he did deserve the award as what she did once , he actually did twice in the same year. His was no ordinary feat. He made Britian proud twice in the same year in two big games…
    I liked ur reasoning … Keep it up … Hope to see u soon!

  3. shiban Bhan says:

    it is a fantastic observation .

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