Champions League expansion proposals are sheer madness


December 4, 2012 by Tejmgas

When I first heard of UEFA’s plans to double the number of teams in the CL from 32 to 64 I thought ‘this must be a joke.’

64?! Really UEFA?

To be honest, I think 32 is way too much already.

As we enter the latter stages of this year’s Champions League, pretty much everything has already been decided. Sure there is the odd game that matters, but on the whole we already know who will be progressing and who won’t (ahem Man City and Chelsea ahem).

Furthermore, out of the 16 teams that are progressing, only around 5 or 6 have a realistic chance of lifting the trophy. For the others it is just a case of ‘how much more money can we get. If we are looking to change the CL structure, we should in fact be looking to reduce the number of teams, not increase it.

Tonights fixtures are just a good example why, every single one of them is a dead-rubber match. In fact, the most important match is probably Borussia Dortmund vs Man City and that is just to see whether they get into the Europa League……….

Who wants to see Barcelona vs Bayern Munich anyway? I’d much rather watch Liverpool vs Dundee United……





2 thoughts on “Champions League expansion proposals are sheer madness

  1. asdi dhar says:

    thks tejmgas why liverpool anyway huh

  2. adi says:

    there wouldnt be enough competition anyway if they made it smaller than 32 but ur right 64 is too many

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