Di Matteo another victim of Abramovich idiocy


November 21, 2012 by Tejmgas

Chelsea’s 3-0 loss to Juventus on tuesday marked the final game of Di Matteo’s managerial stint at Chelsea…..he was fired 6 hours later. While it may be unfortunate, it doesn’t come as a surprise to the average football fan. A mix of recent bad results and Abramovich’s need to set a new world record for managers fired ultimately led to Di Matteo’s downfall.

Unfortunately, as the case is with many of Abramovich’s dealings, i fail to see the logic.

If the firing of AVB was a bad move, this is just downright stupid. Firing the man that led you to Champions League glory, even while managing what has to be one of the worst chelsea teams in recent history seems like a pretty poor decision to say the least.

While it may be true Di Matteo has failed to build on the success of last year (instead of winning the Champions league, they are effectively already knocked out), I still don’t think he should’ve been given the boot. A good football team isn’t built overnight and managers need to know they have the long term backing of their owners.

Teams like Arsenal and Man Utd have kept the same managers for years on end, through not just highs but lows as well. The result of this? Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger have won multiple titles with their respective clubs and are considered two of the best managers of all time.

I’m not saying that you should always stick with your manager, there were plenty of times where Wenger looked like he was going to be sacked (including last year). However, there must be a reasonable justification, which for many of Abramovich’s sackings there haven’t been.

Of course, many are saying the main reason behind the firing was that Pep Guardiola was coming to Chelsea and that Di Matteo was always going to be fired. Although, there is no guarantee Guardiola will in fact join Chelsea and if he doesn’t Chelsea will be rueing the fact they let Di Matteo go. Maybe then Abramovich will realise the faults in his own footballing mantra…..

Firing manager = Instant success.




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