Is Downing Really That Bad?


October 28, 2012 by Tejmgas

Usually when a player you payed £25 million for scores a goal it isn’t cause for celebration, even more so when he is an international player.

Only this time, it was Stewart Downing.

Yes, the player deemed the biggest waste of money since Andriy Shevchenko scored the winning goal for Liverpool in their Europa League game against Anzhi Macahakilala……that rich team from Russia. However, instead of celebrating their victory Liverpool fans were quick to mention how he still hasn’t score in the League for them. Downing still has a long way to go before he is accepted by the Liverpool fans.

But is he really that bad?

They say statistics don’t lie and they haven’t been kind to Downing. His wikipedia page makes for grim reading, one look and you are greeted by a host of 0’s. But even so, I think he is a good player that has been very unlucky at Liverpool.

Liverpool managed to hit the woodwork 31 times last season, which was the most of any premier league team and if even a few of them went in nobody would be complaining. If just someone got on the end of his crosses a whole host of those 0’s would be gone. But no, it just seemed like Downing was doomed from the start.

Although, there is still time for change.

As Fernando Torres has shown, one bad season does not a bad player make and Downing still has time to justify himself to the fans. Downing hasn’t  started the season particularly well but that goal against Anzhi could be the spark he needs to kickstart his season. Maybe he will rediscover the form he showed at Villa and become the player Liverpool need to carry them through the season. Or maybe he won’t.

Only time will tell.




2 thoughts on “Is Downing Really That Bad?

  1. adi says:

    Its true downing is really bad but stop taking the mick out of liverpool players

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