The rise and fall then rise again of British tennis


October 16, 2012 by Tejmgas

Well, nobody saw that coming

After British tennis sensation Heather Watson won the WTA Osaka event and Murray almost (and really should’ve) won the Shanghai Masters it seems like a new breed of British tennis stars are set to dominate the sport for years to come.

While Murray being a future multiple grand slam winner comes at no surprise, my excitement at the prospect of female British stars may leave you surprised or even laughing at the prospect. I know here in Britain we have made a habit of talking up our sports stars who, due to all the pressure, ultimately fail but I am genuinely excited for the future.

After winning the US Open, Murray finally won his first grand slam and people could only see him getting better from there. With Federer about to retire and Nadal constantly injured, it seems only Djokovic stands in his way. Under his new coach Ivan Lendl, Murray is constantly improving and there is no reason why he can’t reach number 1 in the world at some point.

But lets not forget the ladies, Heather Watson (20) and Laura Robson (18) are showing the potential that could one day make them future grand slam winners. At such young ages, they have made great strides in the wta rankings, reaching 66th and 56th respectively.

But it wasn’t always like this.

After the failures of Tim Henman, there was optimism surrounding this new tennis wonderkid, Andy Murray. Unfortunately, like many other British athletes, he failed to deliver on the big stage, losing grand slam after grand slam after grand slam, all to the same 3 people. The women weren’t delivering either. You know its a bad sign when everyone is impressed that you reached the 2nd round……………..

But that’s all changed, and with these new sucesses brings the hope we might actually succeed in a sport.

Please, just this once





One thought on “The rise and fall then rise again of British tennis

  1. adi says:

    its really true that tennis has fallen for britian and risen again but we just have to see the future and see if your right

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